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San Clemente

San Clemente is a small town with approximately 3000 habitats including a small expat community. The weather in this part of the coast is perfect to enjoy the amazing beauty of the beach. If you are looking to visit during the dry season the time from May to November is perfect. At the beginning of January, reasoning season start and sometimes can be really hummed and rainy. The town economy comes from tourism. Hundreds of visitors during the certailing time of the year especially Carnaval Festival (March) and San Clemente Virgin of Fisherman Celebration. There are several hotels, houses, apartments, and hostels that can offer you a really good accommodation for an affordable price.

If you looking to try the local food there are also many small restaurants that can give you a good service. San Clemente beach goes for around 10 kilometers and actually, you can enjoy a nice walk or run by the beach when the tide is low. In the end, north is "Bikini Point" that has a completely different landscape.

The local transportation service is " Walking into Town easy" or small motor Taxi if you looking to go far to next closest cities the ideal transportation service is a recommended taxi or private car.  There is also a bus stop where you can get a bus every 20 minutes. 

Recommended Restaurants:

For a local dish and cooking "Costa del Sol", its always been our favorite. They have the typical Almuerzos and a La Cart.

"Cocomar" at Palmazul Hotel offers you a completely different cuisine and amazing oceanfront location. Palmazul Hotel restaurant its a Gourmet Mix exquisite flavors of the local dishes. A variety of dishes and drinks for all ages.

"Zona Cero" is a great place for the typical Rice with Shrimp. Once in a while, each time we go to San Clemente we can not miss this dish.

Another great place to meet with friends and enjoy an artisanal cerveza, local made pizza, and a good local fish ceviche is "Sabor Bamboo", they offer also a menu for breakfast.

Things to do in San Clemente:

Fishing at Mangrove "La Boca"  Portoviejo River is one of the closest attractions in the area. The mangrove has a variety of sea species and birds. There is a trail you can walk and look at the surroundings. The mangrove separates the area of San Jacinto Beach from Crucita Beach.

Walk to the end of the Punta Bikini, takes around 6 kilometers from the Town center. There are rocky formations at the beach and if you are looking to cross the point of the mountain you can do it when it's low tide. You will find here a quiet and calm area.